While starting to feed the babies, colostrum will be the first milk produced by the mammary glands. It is the ideal nourishment any newborn can ever get. It is densely concentrated, full of proteins and nutrients. So a little dose of colostrum can provide lots of health benefits for a newborn. Colostrum also has a low-fat content and is easy to digest. It has all the components to give a healthy start to a newborn. One of the most notable factors is that colostrum helps in building the immune system of the baby.

Fights Infections

Most parts of the colostrum are filled with white blood cells that protect from infections that help the baby fight against such bacterial or viral infections all by himself. White blood cells are very important for the immune system. They offer protection and fight pathogens. As the baby is newly introduced to the world, he must be ready to face the challenges that may infect him. The antibodies produced by the white blood cells in the colostrum neutralized viruses and bacteria. They are an ideal solution for diarrhea and tummy issues. It will be very useful for newborns with immature guts.

Helps In Gut Functions And Improves Immunity

sIgA, which is a very important antibody, is present in colostrum. It helps to protect newborn babies from various diseases. Molecules that have been helping the mother to protect against various infections through the immune system will be transported to the breast through her blood. It joins to form sIgA and will be secreted through colostrum. It will be concentrated in the baby’s gut’s mucus lining as well as the respiratory system. It protects the baby from diseases already faced by the mother.

Colostrum also has many growth factors and immunologic elements that promote the growth of some protective mucus membranes in the intestines of the baby. It will also help in the growth of good bacteria in the gut of the baby.

Prevents Jaundice

Along with saving from tummy upsets, a baby can benefit more from colostrum. It serves as a laxative that helps newborns to poop consistently. Thus, the baby can get rid of everything he had in his tummy while in the womb. It will be released as meconium, which is a sticky and dark stool.

When the baby poops regularly, he will be safe from the chances of jaundice. During the birth of a baby, he will have high red blood cell levels, taking all the oxygen present around the baby’s body. When such a cell breaks, the liver will process them, producing bilirubin. If the liver of the baby isn’t completely developed to process this bilirubin, it gets built up in the baby’s system, which results in jaundice. Colostrum has laxative properties that help to poop out the bilirubin in the baby’s body.

Minerals And Vitamins

Colostrum has Vitamin A and carotenoids that give it a yellow color. It also helps to improve the vision of the baby and provides good health to his immune system and skin.