Globally Recognized Quality Certifications

APS BioGroup guarantees the highest quality. With our 21 CFR 111 compliance, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Procedures) and cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications, we have quality control systems in place to produce consistent supreme quality assurance results.

Industry Standard Quality Procedures

Our quality assurance team performs environmental tests to maintain dairy industry standards and nutritional supplement manufacturing requirements. Quality procedures are implemented throughout each section of our production and packaging process that puts us at top-notch industry level. Every step of our manufacturing process, material handling, product release, line clearance, employee training and standard operating procedures are timely, documented and maintained.

In-House Quality Laboratory

We have a skilled team and equipment that is coveted in the industry. We sample and test all incoming and outgoing items including colostrum, raw materials, and packaging components to ensure all specifications are met.

Tight Quality Assurance

APS BioGroup performs internal and external testing of hundreds of analytes in order to ensure the highest standard of colostrum quality and to adhere to the regulatory obligations of the United States and to the dozens of other countries to which APS BioGroup exports.