Management Team


The senior management team at APS BioGroup includes some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Bob Davies

Bob Davies, President and CEO

Bob is president of APS BioGroup. Prior to becoming one of the co-founders of APS BioGroup, he held senior management positions in large public and private dairy and food companies. He earned a Masters in Business Administration from UCLA in 1977 and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University in 1972.

Dr. Andrew Keech

Dr. Andrew Keech, Founder and Managing Director

Andrew founded APS and is responsible for quality assurance and product development. He has considerable product development and dairy processing experience. Dr. Keech received a BS in Chemistry and Mathematics in 1990. He then received a studentship to study at Oxford University in England and earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemical and Process Engineering in 1995 from the University of Canterbury.

Les Soyland

Les Soyland, Chief Operating Officer

Les has considerable experience managing dairy processing facilities. Prior to becoming one of the co-founders of APS BioGroup, Les owned a construction management firm. For 20 years, his California-based firm focused on the design and management of complex projects in large dairy processing facilities.