Immulox® Powder


APS BioGroup now offers Immulox as a powder either in bulk, capsules or tablets. By providing Immulox as powder, APS BioGroup customers can now offer products with higher levels of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) and more consumers can enjoy the benefits of PRPs. Immulox powder contains a minimum of twelve percent (12%) PRPs. This is 4 to 40 times the level of PRPs found in most bulk bovine colostrum powders.

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PRPs are the most important component in colostrum because of their immune balancing function. Although the immunoglobulins (antibodies) in colostrum are important, too much attention is placed on the importance of the IgG level of bovine colostrum. IgG levels are not as important as the PRP levels. Learn more about health benefits of proline-rich polypeptides from colostrum.

By taking Immulox products with the highest PRP levels available, the body obtains the instructions for a well-balanced immune system, and thus the body produces up to six grams of immunoglobulins per day in an adult human male. Supplementing with oral IgG or immunoglobulins is not as important as having a well-balanced immune system with higher PRP levels in the body. PRPs are non-toxic and they occur naturally in the human body and other mammals.

Immulox Box

APS BioGroup uses proprietary technologies to extract PRPs which are then added to our first milking colostrum to produce Immulox Powder. APS BioGroup then uses our proprietary liposomal encapsulation technology to protect these delicate proteins against stomach acids, bile, and other digestive enzymes so they are delivered into the small intestine where absorption of the PRPs occurs. Immulox Powder is made soluble in water using a non-GMO soy lecithin and is available in bulk or in consumer ready packaging.

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