About Immulox®


Immulox is produced exclusively by APS BioGroup using patented processes which are proprietary to APS BioGroup. Immulox is available in a consumer-ready spray and as a bulk powder.

Immulox products are immune system balancing products derived from colostrum.* The key difference between Immulox products and other immune balancing products is the presence of a high level of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs). PRPs have been shown to stimulate an underactive immune system and repress an overactive immune system, bringing the immune system to homeostatic balance.* Learn more about Immulox benefits and references.

PRPs function as signaling peptides produced by activated macrophages and activated T-cells that control the production of all cytokines. Learn more about proline-rich polypeptides mechanisms of action.

Immulox Spray*

Immulox Spray

Immulox Spray is a liquid fraction of whole colostrum rich in PRPs. With Immulox Spray, these immune-modulating PRPs and other natural immune-supporting nutrients are delivered with a unique and effective oral spray delivery system. It is produced using a proprietary process patented by APS BioGroup. Immulox Spray is sold as a health supplement in the United States. In some international countries Immulox Spray is sold as a drug for treatment of immune disorders.

Immulox Powder*

Immulox Powder is a proprietary colostrum powder with enhanced PRP levels. PRPs are the most important immune factor in colostrum. Immulox Powder contains a minimum of twelve percent (12%) PRPs. This is 4–40 times more than is typically present in other bulk colostrum powders. APS BioGroup extracts PRPs using its patented technologies, and adds them to our first milking colostrum powder to produce Immulox Powder.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.