Why APS BioGroup Should Be Your Contract Manufacturer


There are 5 very important criteria to consider when selecting a contract manufacturer:

1 Extensive Capabilities to Efficiently Produce Your Product

If you choose a contract manufacturer with inappropriate equipment and systems, you risk inconsistent or inadequate product quality and you may not get the best price because of production inefficiencies.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup has the capability to efficiently manufacture and package a broad range of consumer ready retail packaged powders, capsules, chewables and liquids. Certified Good Manufacturing Practices are followed during manufacturing and packaging. Learn more about APS BioGroup's contract manufacturing capabilities.

2 Tight Quality Assurance Systems

Quality assurance systems and procedures are critical to ensure your specifications and product requirements are consistently met and that food safety issues prevented. The quality systems of all contract manufactures are not the same.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: Quality is our first priority at APS BioGroup and so we are very proud to have the most sophisticated quality laboratory in the industry. Our in-house government-certified clinical laboratory has four lab technicians with Bachelor's degrees in Chemistry or Microbiology and a licensed Pharmacist. Our three High Performance Liquid Chromatography machines and a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, along with our comprehensively equipped lab, enables APS BioGroup to test each production lot to ensure that it meets specifications and is free of contaminants.
Learn more about our quality control procedures.

APS BioGroup follows certified Good Manufacturing Practices during all phases of manufacturing and packaging processes. In addition, our production area is equipped with positive and negative air pressure to prevent cross-contamination.

3 Broad Technical Support

A contract manufacturer needs scientific and technical expertise available in-house.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup has an in-house formulator, in-house licensed Pharmacist and packaging technicians available to work with you to develop the best formulations, packaging and manufacturing processes for your products. Learn more about APS BioGroup's contract manufacturing products.

4 Excellent Customer Service Systems

Good customer service assures your product requirements and schedule are met and that you are kept informed of any issues.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup has developed a tested customer service system to ensure that your requirements are met and your product is delivered on time. A key element of the system is a Program Manager APS BioGroup assigns to your project. The Program Manager is your advocate within APS BioGroup and is your contact if you have questions or need to make changes. Learn more how you can get started today.

5 Competitive Pricing

Pricing policies among contract manufacturers are often different. As a result, the price you will be quoted for a specific product may very significantly differ with alternative suppliers.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: We understand the importance of offering competitive prices. Contact us for a specific quote and technical assistance.