Contract Manufacturing Capabilities


APS BioGroup has the capability to efficiently manufacture and package a broad range of consumer-ready retail packaged capsules, powders, chewables and liquids.


Stainless Steel V Blending Machine

Stainless Steel V Blending Machine.

Capsule Bottling Line

Powder Fill Line

Stainless Steel V Blending Machine

Products being monitored one one of our packaging lines.


Clean Room Environment

The APS BioGroup facilities are designed with positive and negative air pressure to prevent cross contamination. The air in the packaging rooms is replaced every six minutes with filtered air. APS has separate check weight and inspection rooms. A dedicated fully automated capsulizing machine is located in a separate clean room with an independent air handling system to create a separate environment for enzyme capsulating.

Warehouse and Shipping

The APS BioGroup warehouse has the capability for storage of up to 3,000 pallets, ten dock doors for loading and unloading are available as well as a dedicated railroad spur.