Why APS BioGroup Should Be Your Colostrum Supplier


There are 10 very important criteria to consider when selecting a colostrum supplier:

1 First Milking Colostrum

Peptide levels in first milking colostrum vs later milkings up to fourth day after birth

First milking colostrum is the milk in the udder when the calf is born. It is the richest in the important bioactive components and is collected within 16 hours after birth. Unfortunately, much of the colostrum available today is from the third and fourth day after birth.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup accepts only the first milking colostrum after the calf gets all it needs. APS BioGroup tests each farm collection to assure the colostrum is only from the first milking and is free of antibiotics, harmful bacteria, and other contaminants. Learn more about our colostrum collection.

2 Careful Low-Heat & Low-Pressure Processing

Colostrum must be carefully processed using low-heat and low-pressure processes or the delicate and important colostral proteins can be denatured and the efficacy of the colostrum destroyed.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup uses flash pasteurization and a proprietary indirect steam drying process to preserve maximum bioactivity. Thanks to these proprietary processes, APS BioGroup colostrum powders have maximum efficacy and a three year shelf life — the longest in the industry. Learn more about our colostrum manufacturing processes.

3High Level of Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs)

Proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) are the most important immune factor in colostrum because they offer more general immune balancing than immunoglobulins. Unfortunately, many colostrum processors today use filtration processes which remove much of the important PRP content. Learn more about proline-rich polypeptides.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup is focused on preserving the PRPs in colostrum. Through the use of proprietary processes, APS colostrum has the highest level of PRPs available. In addition, APS BioGroup offers Immulox® products which are proprietary colostrum-based powder and liquid products with higher concentrations of PRPs. Immulox bulk powder, for instance, has a minimum of 12% PRP content, 4–40 times more than what is typically available in colostrum powder. Learn more about APS BioGroup's Immulox products.

4Tight Quality Assurance

Quality processes at colostrum manufacturers are very important to assure the efficacy of colostrum is preserved and food safety issues are prevented.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup is proud to have the best-equipped quality assurance laboratory in the industry. Our in-house clinical laboratory has three lab technicians with Bachelor’s degrees in chemistry or microbiology, a licensed pharmacist, and a veterinarian. Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are followed throughout our manufacturing process and our facility is annually inspected by the United States’ Government Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Learn more about our colostrum quality assurance.

5Free Flowing Powder

Colostrum can be insoluble and clumpy. Agglomerating and instantizing solves this problem and enables customers to more easily use colostrum in applications such as sachets, tablets, capsules, cosmetics, and drink mixes.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup applies both agglomeration and instantizing technologies to its colostrum powders. As a result, our powders are the most soluble and flowable available.

6Appropriate Protein Level

The protein content of the dry matter in natural first milking whole colostrum is about 50%. Once the fat is taken out, the protein content goes to 60–65%. This is the perfect protein content for maximum total efficacy in skim colostrum powder. Colostrum with a protein level higher than 60–65% has been concentrated using ultrafiltration, which unfortunately removes the very important PRPs and concentrates the protein levels to 80%.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup produces standard 25% IgG skim colostrum powder without using filtration. The protein content in this product is about 64% and it has a high level of PRPs (4–4.5%). APS also produces special colostrum powders with high PRP levels (up to 8% in Immulox Powder) and high immunoglobulin levels (up to 40% IgG). Learn more about our colostrum products.

7Year-Round Processing

In most of the world, including the northern United States, New Zealand, and Northern Europe, calving occurs primarily in the spring due to the weather cycle.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup is located in the Southwest United States where calving occurs year-round because of the temperate climate. APS BioGroup collects colostrum only from USDA Grade A dairies. All colostrum collected by APS must be free of antibiotics and rBST. Learn more about our colostrum collection.

8Broad Product Line

All colostrum is not the same. It is important to select a colostrum manufacturer with a broad product line so the product selected best suits the customer’s requirements.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup offers the broadest range of colostrum products available from any manufacturer. APS colostrum powder products include a shelf-stable whole colostrum powder, a wide range of skim colostrum powders, Immulox® powders, and custom-formulated products. Learn more about our colostrum products.

9Competitive Pricing

Obviously, buyers of colostrum want to know they are getting the best price.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup is the largest producer of colostrum products in the world. With the associated economies of scale and efficiencies, APS BioGroup is able to offer very competitive prices. Contact us for specific information and quotes.

10Responsive Sales Team

Good business relationships are all about flow of information and follow-through.

THE APS ADVANTAGE: APS BioGroup has knowledgeable representatives across the globe, ready to assist you. Contact a representative today.