Colostrum Products


APS BioGroup offers a broad range of high quality agglomerated colostrum products.

1Whole Colostrum Powders

Understanding APS product numbers

Whole colostrum powder is colostrum in its most natural state. Nothing is added or taken away except water. APS uses proprietary processes to stabilize the natural colostrum oils in whole colostrum. This enables APS whole colostrum powders to have a three year shelf life. APS also offers an instantized whole colostrum powder, which is very soluble in liquids. APS whole colostrum powders are designated as either APS 45-18F (standard whole colostrum powder) or APS 45-18Fi (instantized whole colostrum powder).

Click on either APS 45-18F or APS 45-18FI to view the specifications for these whole colostrum powders.

2Skim Colostrum Powders (10-40% Total Immunoglobulins)

APS BioGroup offers a wide range of standardized skim colostrum powders to meet customer requirements and governmental import restrictions. Standardized skim colostrum powders are available with between 10 and 40 percent IgG levels and from 45 to 80 percent minimum protein levels. See our product specification overview for summaries of the analysis of each of these colostrum powders or click on the product codes below to view more detailed specifications for these standard and high protein skim colostrum powders. The first number in APS product codes indicates the minimum protein level, and the second number indicates the minimum IgG level.

Standard Powders
APS 50-15 APS 60-20
APS 64-25 APS 70-30
APS 70-35 APS 70-40
High Protein Powders
APS 70-15 APS 70-20
APS 70-25 APS 80-15
APS 80-20 APS 80-25

All of the above colostrum powders are also available in an instantized form, using non-GMO lecithin, which makes the powder very soluble in liquids.

3Immulox Products

Immulox products are immune system balancing products derived from colostrum and supplemented with extra proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs). PRPs modulate the immune system and are the most important component in colostrum. Learn more about proline-rich polypeptides.

Immulox is produced exclusively by APS BioGroup using our proprietary patented processes. Immulox is available in a consumer-ready spray (Immulox Spray) and as a bulk powder (Immulox Powder). Learn more about Immulox products.

4Specially Formulated Powders

APS BioGroup has both wet and dry blending capabilities. The APS product development team works with customers to design and manufacture specially formulated powders to meet specific customer requirements.

Custom Packaging

APS bulk colostrum powders are packaged in 20 kilogram color labeled bleached corrugated boxes with a polyethylene liner. APS BioGroup can also provide colostrum products in consumer-ready retail packaging and in capsules or tablets. Learn more about our contract manufacturing services.

APS BioGroup Assistance

APS technical and sales staff are available to assist with specific product and packaging recommendations to meet unique customer requirements. Click here for contact information.