APS Colostrum is made only from first milking, for the finest quality product.

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We're the world's largest facility for colostrum manufacturing.

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Colostrum is the richest source of immune & growth factors.

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A Global Leader

APS BioGroup is the largest producer of colostrum products in the world. Learn why APS BioGroup should be your colostrum supplier.  MORE 

Advanced Manufacturing

APS BioGroup colostrum products are manufactured in the most technologically-advanced colostrum production facility in the world.  MORE 

Highest Quality

APS BioGroup follows cGMP and HACCP practices throughout the production process. We have the most sophisticated quality assurance laboratory in the industry.  MORE 

Wide Range of Products

APS BioGroup has the broadest range of colostrum products, from whole and skim colostrum powders, liquid colostrum products to custom formulations.  MORE