APS Fact:

We are proud to have a culturally diverse work force. APS BioGroup employees come from 10 countries and have fluency in nine languages.

APS BioGroup is a diversified producer of health products. We are the world’s largest producer of colostrum products and a respected contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements. In 2016 APS BioGroup will become a major Lactoferrin producer.

APS BioGroup, LLC (formerly Advanced Protein Systems, LLC) was formed by Dr. Andrew Keech, Bob Davies and Les Soyland in 2003 based on a vision to build a colostrum manufacturing facility that would set a new global standard for colostrum product quality and efficacy. In 2004, a large scale, efficient colostrum plant was completed in Phoenix, Arizona, which is in the center of the largest concentration of big dairy farms in the world. From the beginning, the focus has been on producing the highest quality colostrum and APS BioGroup is now the largest producer of colostrum products in the world.

APS BioGroup produces a wide range of bulk colostrum and lactoferrin products as well as consumer ready packaged products in the form of capsules, tablets, individual sachets and packaged powders. furthermore, APS BioGroup manufactures 200+ non-colostrum private label health supplements produced from over 500+ inventoried ingredients.

APS BioGroup health products are now exported to more than 50 countries around the world. In addition to 2013 Presidential Export Award, APS BioGroup was awarded Exporter of the Year by the Mayor of Phoenix in 2015.

We are proud to have a culturally diverse work force. Most of the management team has advanced degrees, many have language skills in Chinese and Spanish and we have recently hired refuges from Iraq, Iran and Burma.

APS BioGroup is now located in a 100,000 square foot facility and operates with three divisions: Colostrum, Contract Manufacturing and Lactoferrrin. APS Lactoferrrin, extracted from milk, will become available in late 2015.